Terms & Conditions

1. The Product Definition

Language Lessons with Final Prize is an informative and entertaining text and web based service that Ethio Telecom customers can enjoy.

Interested users who subscribe to the English Language Service will earn points upon content delivery. Subscribers will enjoy the benefits of the service upon joining the service. While interacting with the questions of the service, the user will receive a text message explaining the previous query topic and points earned, and a new message with a new challenge/question to be answered. Every SMS with a question contains the question, answer variants in the format 1=XXXX, 2=ZZZZ. The user must select the correct response and send the corresponding number 1 or 2 or the options verbatim. At the beginning of each day’s interaction, the notification message that inform users about the start of the day’s class, shall also include a hyperlink to Language Club portal with a “rich media” feature based on which the subscriber will be able to access more detailed content.

Ethio Telecom subscriber can participate in the programme by subscribing to the English Lessons Service via WEB/USSD by going through the subscription and confirmation steps when they discover the service online; this is considered as the user’s request to join the service.

Upon subscription and successful charge, the user will receive the following introductory messages.

  • Welcome message
  • MT Notification: this confirms the start of the day’s class. It also includes a hyperlink to the service Language Club portal.
  • First question of the day

At the end of each day’s interaction (2 questions), the cap message shall inform the users that they can continue the learning again the day after.

Subscribers to the English Language Service will be charged 1 birr per day seven times a week

2. Eligibility

The PROGRAMME will be open to residents of Ethiopia that are subscribers of Ethiopian Telecom, (both prepaid or postpaid), who are over 18 years old, excluding all employees, representatives and agents of the ORGANIZERs, their respective parents and/or affiliated companies, and those with whom any of the foregoing are domiciled. The person that owns the SIM card or has express authorization from the SIM card’s owner to use it is considered the PARTICIPANT, regardless of the actual user of the phone.

3. Programme Period & Prize

  • The PROGRAMME is comprised of a Final period of play (Prize PERIOD), which is at the end of the 365 days period.
  • At the end of the Prize PERIOD, the Final Prize will be awarded to the winner based on the following mechanism:
  • RANDOM DRAW: An electronic draw will be held, in which the winner will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Each eligible PARTICIPANT will be allotted a number of entries equal to the number of points he/she has accumulated by the end of the PRIZE PERIOD

The below table summarizes the point scheme that applies to participants of the service.

Action Points
Upon content delivery and successful charge 10

For the Final Prize PERIOD, a Prize is available, as defined in the table below:

Prize Type Units Frequency Assignment
English lessons: iPhone X 1 Final Prize Random Draw

  • Language club lessons Subscribers are eligible to participate in the FINAL Prize with all points they have accumulated within the Prize PERIOD.
  • The Final Prizes must be accepted as awarded and may not be transferred or exchanged. Prizes will be delivered within 30 days from the end of the PROGRAMME PERIOD, at a time and place that will be communicated within 10 days after the end of the PROGRAMME PERIOD.
  • Any expense not explicitly indicated as part of the Prize, including but not limited to insurance, travel expenses, accommodation, license fees or taxes, are the responsibility of the winner.
  • The ORGANIZERs reserves the right to withhold the Prize until satisfied that the claim is valid.
  • The ORGANIZERs reserves the right to terminate the PROGRAMME at any time without prior notice.
  • 4. Product Features

    • First of its kind service targeting Mobile Subscribers.
    • It is a WAP and USSD based subscription service.
    • Low prices make the service pocket friendly.
    • Over 10000+ questions on the portal to take care of a participants’ appetite.
    • Various Categories to cater to people with different taste.
    • Product will work for people using any Data APN.

    5. Localization

    The product is designed to suit the local market requirements and will support:
    A. English / (Local language if mandatory).

    6. Game & Points

    The WEB/USSD Subscription and confirmation action by a customer to the English Language lesson subscribes the customer to the service. In response to the SUBSCRIPTION, the user will receive one welcome SMS and the interactive CONTENT of the day after the customer is successfully charged.

    While users are in the PREMIUM Period, the ORGANIZERs will attempt to charge users and deliver the day’s interactive Content after the PARTICIPANT has been charged the DAILY FEE (ETB 1/day). The Language lessons continue beyond the duration of this Prize programme.

    • Find the correct adjective: "This house is ___"
      Send 1 or 2 to 6455!
    • Fill in with the right word: They are eating ___.
      1=A house
      2=An ice cream
      Send 1 or 2 to 6455!
    • Is "flying" the correct gerund of the irregular verb "fly"?
      Send 1 or 2 to 6455!
    • Correct or wrong: "He was always very simple dressed."?
      Send 1 or 2 to 6455!
    • What preposition can be used to talk about ages or speeds?
      Send 1 or 2 to 6455!

    7. Pricing / Billing Model

    The Language Club portal will offer the program on subscription basis

    Every successful CONTENT delivery while the user is in the PREMIUM PERIOD, will be charged at ETB 1/DAY inclusive of all taxes.

    In case a Subscriber is in the PREMIUM PERIOD and does not have sufficient credit to receive the interactive CONTENT SMS within the programme period, he/she will NOT be eligible to enjoy ANY of the benefits, as described above.

    PARTICIPANTS in the PREMIUM Periods can terminate their subscription by sending “STOP” to the PROGRAMME’s short code 6455.

    8. Search

    1. All PARTICIPANTS can get more information about the PROGRAMME by sending “INFO/HELP” to the PROGRAMME’s short code 6455
    2. All PARTICIPANTS can get to know their points in the Language lessons by sending “POINTS” to the PROGRAMME’s short code 6455.
    3. All PARTICIPANTS can get their last unanswered question in the service by sending “LAST” to the PROGRAMME’s short code 6455.
    4. All PARTICIPANTS can get retrieve their credentials for accessing the service learn-site by sending “PASSWORD” to the PROGRAMME’s short code 6455.

    9. Winner selection, notification and Prize forfeiture

    • At the end of the 365 day period, a winner will be selected for the Final Prize, one winner and 10 runner-ups will be selected via Random Draw.
    • The winner will be contacted by the ORGANIZER on the mobile phone number he has used to participate in the PROGRAMME. Three (3) Consecutive voice call attempts will be made by the ORGANIZER to contact the mobile number of the winner. If the winner cannot be contacted during this period, he is disqualified and forfeits the Prize and the ORGANIZER will attempt to contact the next runner up.
    • The winner is required to provide proof of eligibility and sign a Prize acceptance form (as requested by the ORGANIZER) before Prizes can be collected. If the winner fails to provide sufficient proof within fifteen (15) business days, he is disqualified and forfeits the Prize and the next runner up is contacted.
    • If the winner has any outstanding debts towards the ORGANIZER, these need to be settled within three (3) days from being contacted by the ORGANIZER. If outstanding debts are not settled within that period, the winner forfeits the Prize.
    • If the winner and all runner-ups forfeit the Prize, the Prize is deemed unclaimed and remains at the disposal of the ORGANIZER.
    • By accepting a Prize, a winner consents to the use of his first name, initial of last name, city of residence, photograph and likeness in any Advertising material produced by the ORGANIZERs. Such use does not entitle the winner to any further compensation.
    • The Prize Winner may be required to be available for media interviews.

    10. Abuse and disqualification

    The ORGANIZERs may refuse to award any Prize if any irregularities or fraudulent activities are detected.

    11. Organizer’s responsibilities

    ORGANIZERs responsibility is strictly limited in giving the Loyalty Prize. The ORGANIZERs cannot be held responsible for any delay or impossibility of sending, receiving and/or billing SMS messages because of a technical problem. All the SMS messages will be considered received by the ORGANIZERs when they are registered in the PROGRAMME’s IT system and not when they are sent by the PARTICIPANT. All the SMS messages will be considered received by the PARTICIPANT at the moment they were sent from the PROGRAMME’s IT system. PARTICIPANTS recognize and accept that the journal of the informatics system of the PROGRAMME’s IT System is the proof of the date, hour, minute and second of their receiving/sending each SMS message.

    12. Personal Data Protection

    • By participating in the PROGRAMME, the PARTICIPANTS expressly agree that personal data which they supply shall be processed by the ORGANIZERs for the purposes of executing the PROGRAMME and also for the purpose of publicizing the PROGRAMME and the ORGANIZERs. It is hereby specified that the ORGANIZERs guarantees that publicity, entailing the sharing with third parties of personal data supplied as a result of participation in the PROGRAMME, (including through television, the press, leaflets and other means and formats of communication) shall be made only with respect to the winner of the Prize and will only indicate the given names and surname of the winner, their location or place of residence, image and voice (contained in photographic records, audio, video and other types of records, made with the purposes of publicity connected to the PROGRAMME). The winning PARTICIPANT gives, through their participation in the PROGRAMME, express consent for the use of this data in formats herein defined. Following the termination of the PROGRAMME, the personal data will be destroyed.
    • In accordance with local laws and regulations, the ORGANIZER respects the privacy of PARTICIPANTS of this PROGRAMME, by which it is committed to the use of technology in a transparent form and in strict observance of the rights, freedom and guarantees of the citizens and by the reservation of the intimacy of their private and family life. The personal data collected within the scope of this PROGRAMME will be treated as private and confidential. It shall not be disclosed to other individuals or organisations, except in the event of legislation to the contrary or where such is authorised by the PARTICIPANTS themselves. The data will be stored on servers with access controlled on a need-to-know basis and limited by passwords.

    13. Governing Law & Amendments

    • This PROGRAMME will be organized under and governed by the laws and statutes of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
    • These Terms & Conditions are valid during the PROGRAMME PERIOD until amended or suspended by the ORGANIZERs.

    14. Post Subscription

    Once the user is successfully subscribed, the ORGANIZERs will attempt to charge users and deliver the day’s interactive Content after the PARTICIPANT has been charged the DAILY FEE (ETB 1/day). The Language lessons continue beyond the duration of this Prize programme.

    15. Unsubscription

    PARTICIPANTS in the PREMIUM Periods can terminate their subscription by sending “STOP” to the PROGRAMME’s short code 6455.